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My incredible friend Heather asked if she could feature me on the Dream Chaser sassyinspirationportion of her wonderful blog Sassy Inspiration.  While I don’t feel quite like a Dream Chaser just yet, I was honored to lock arms with Heather to inspire others to make a positive change in their lives.  Take a look.

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Welcome to Single Moms for Freedom.

jeannette kennedySometimes life doesn’t go as we planned.  But we have our children and we want nothing short of the best for them.  We want to be a stable figure in their lives, we want to be there for school drop off and pickup.  We want to be at their sporting events and their concerts.  But we also want to be able to provide for them, independently.

We also know we have to be healthy!  Happy!  We don’t have time to be sick or tired!  It’s just us…Mom.  24/7!  We must take care of ourselves.

We can do both at the same time.  I’m going to show you how.