Income Opportunity


When I became a single mom, I didn’t intend to have to do everything on my own.  There is child support right?

The more I learn about the life of single moms and the more I learn about the court systems, the more I realize that we absolutely 100% need to create an income to operate completely independently…even through our kids’ college years.

How can we do that?  Maybe you have a job right now and it’s getting you by, but not out of debt and not creating a savings.  Maybe you have to rely on government aid for the time being.  Maybe, if child support stopped tomorrow, you wouldn’t be able to make ends meet so you live in constant stress and fear.

Let’s change that shall we?

How about we create a plan B income in your quiet time?  (I know there isn’t much..but it’s something).  Something you can grow before the kids get up and after they get to bed.  Something that is flexible around their sports schedules.  Something that allows you to get them on and off the bus every day.

We can do that.  I can help.


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