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One of the reasons I love AdvoCare so much is because of their incredible product line.  There are so many that I absolutely love, but there are a bunch that I literally cannot imagine my life without…particularly my life as a single mom.  I’m going to give you the rundown of those products but please feel free to shoot me a message and ask me questions.  I can help you customize a plan for you…both for your health needs and your budget.

Product I love #1:
Did I mention Spark?

Spark is my first thing in the morning drink…and my go-to in the early afternoon.  It fits into those sluggish times where I used to decide between a nap or large amounts of sugar to get through the rest of the day.

About 3 days into my switch to Spark, it literally felt like someone took a dust broom to the cobwebs in my brain.  I was clear-minded and focused.  I was able to get housework done without grumbling about it.  Spark, all by itself, changed my life and is absolutely essential to my survival as a single mom.  And it’s that’s a major perk.

Product I love #2
Meal Replacement Shakes
MochaMRI don’t know about you but in my world, if I don’t eat something fast in the morning, I don’t eat at all.  I’ve always been a shake-in-the-morning momma, but what I learned was that not all shakes are created equal.  The words “Meal Replacement Shake” are well-earned and it is because it satisfies all the requirements to be called an actual “meal.”  The shakes I was using before used words like  “protein supplement”  or  “meal enrichment product”.  So, looking back I realized…I was using products that were not actually meant to be a meal replacements as meal replacements.  That was a huge lesson to learn.  But now, I have these made by AdvoCare that are available in 5 varieties and sometimes even more when the seasonal products come out.  Love this product for so many reasons.

Product I love #3
Metabolic Nutrition System
Once again, I need easy.  I need convenient.  And I need effective.  I need to stay healthy 24/7 and get all my core vitamins:  multivitamin, probiotics, calcium, fish oils….all the good stuff. But I also want a little extra something something for appetite control and a little bit of energy.  I find that in these packs.  Simple, daily strips that I can just follow the instructions and go!  And it’s effective.  It’s a comprehensive weight management system and I absolutely LOVE it.

Product I love #4
Catalyst.   Whoa.  Baby.  Catalyst.  I love this one A LOT.
Catalyst helps maintain muscle mass during exercise and weight management. (I want to be able to carry my kids to bed for many years to come).  It also helps repair and protect muscle tissue.  Finally, it preserves muscle and energy levels during times of calorie restriction.  Catalyst is simply a MUST HAVE for me in my regimen and I recommend it for anyone.

Product I love #5
advocare-oasisAdvoCare Oasis
I like to call Oasis…my “anti-road rage drink”.  Or for those days when you aren’t quite sure you can handle it all by yourself.  Enter Oasis…It is what it says it is.  It will help you adapt to stress.  Even the greatest of stresses having a child or multiple children alone..even the ones that are happy stresses like running from after school activity to after school activity.  Even those can be a lot to handle sometimes.  This is where I use this product and I absolutely LOVE IT.

Product I love #6
Clear-MoodI can’t say enough great things about Clear Mood.  The first time I took it I was thinking, “I wonder what this is going to do?”  It’s hard for me to even describe it, but it’s like someone switches from the negativity switch to the positivity switch and things just seem better.  I don’t take this every day.  I only take it when I need it.  It helps brighten the mood, helps with relaxation, and helps ease the effects of stress and worry.  Definitely one to have on hand!

I could go on and on and on about all the products I love from AdvoCare.  Help with sleep, with immunity, with pre-workouts or post-workouts…so much to be excited about.  But these are my single mommy highly recommended starters.  I would love to help you customize FOR YOU.  Just shoot me a message and let’s get started on being the best you can possibly be.


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